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Optima Property Management System 


Optima PMS is a world leading Windows based Property Management System that incorporates the latest in advanced technology. It is designed to provide all the features of a sophisticated Front Office system linked with other computerized hotel applications on the same relational SQL database. 

Optima PMS includes internal online Channel Manager and Revenue Management tools allowing hotels to compete in the flexible and dynamic market, giving any hotel the leading edge to extend its share of the market and improve its income based on intelligent tools.

Optima enables hotels to manage, measure, analyze and optimize the constant flow of information across all departments of the hotel in real-time. Optima ensures that business operations run as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Optima line of hotel management software solution includes various programs and features that support improving of guest service and experience. With the constant expansion of the competition and use of Internet, the raise of overall guest satisfaction is becoming critical to the survival of any hotel and satisfied guests are driven to write positive reviews on TripAdvisor and other similar sites.

Optima PMS places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager's fingertips. All information can be viewed on-line, printed in a large variety of reports or shown on graphs. Advanced icons and color-coding give the managers an excellent overview of all hotel operations and allow them to maintain precise management controls. It is a profitable marketing tool, as it captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing analysis. Information analysis is simple, quick and precise, emphasizing revenues, budgets and yearly comparisons in combination with data of occupancy, segmentation and other guest information.

The Optima Property Management System enables maximum performance, utilizing the latest technology. Together with the use of a modern GUI it offers the ultimate system for any Front Desk. 

Optima is a most powerful and advanced Front Office system based on years of experience and on highly sophisticated development and focus teams, including superior hoteliers, engineers and front office specialists. These teams have researched and 'brainstormed' to meet the highest standards of the hospitality industry for the next century. 


Optima PMS places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager's fingertips. All information can be viewed on-line, printed or shown on graphs. Advanced icons and color-coding give the managers an excellent overview of all hotel operations and allows them to maintain precise management controls. Optima captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing analysis to increase hotel revenues. Information analysis is simple and precise, emphasizing revenues, budgets and yearly comparisons in combination with occupancy levels, segmentation and other guest information.

In an environment that is constantly more demanding and competitive,
Optima PMS gives any type of hotel an edge by enhancing efficiency in reservation management, streamlined accounting and billing, upgrades to guest services, staff productivity, and marketing & sales. Optima allows more personal and efficient service to hotel guests, resulting in increases in average room rate and occupancy levels.


Optima has a unique open architecture as a result of using standard industry development tools such as Power Builder™.  A friendly and easy to use Windows Graphical User Interface helps simplify data entry, management inquiries and financial reporting. The simple user interface also makes learning and using the system easy and quick, no matter how big your hotel.

Using any combination of keyboard, touch screen or mouse, the user can easily enter or retrieve information easily, quickly and efficiently. Optima is designed for simple operation, maximum flexibility in functionality and performance that creates a profitable and smoother operatio. 


Optima PMS allows a hotels to define its rooms in various ways and group them together into different buildings, wings, room types and room categories. An unlimited number of user-defined packages and plans, connected to different prices controlled by a sophisticated rate management can be created. Room allocation for travel agents, tour operators, companies and other kinds of customers each with its own contract are easily managed within Optima. Other services can be easily defined in the system including fixed or flexible prices. Packages, Plans and Room rates can be managed dynamically with a high degree of flexibility.

A simple, easy to use set-up allows for rapid implementation in any hotel or resort enterprise.  Use of varied definitions such as; room type, room category, wing, and more, are important features in Optima.  Special services are easily defined with guest service in mind using VIP, company, agent and guest profile information.   

Contract and room allocation agreements are easily stored in the system guaranteeing a swift reservation process with your all important business and agent accounts.


Optima Property Management System integrates a full range of sophisticated capabilities in one comprehensive package: 
· Complete folio control 
· Unlimited number of folios per guest, automatic charges to main/etra/special folios. 
· Complete reservations module 
· Concierge and information 
· Sophisticated user defined packages and plans 
· Handles adults, juniors, children and babies for occupancy and pricing 
· Group reservations with flexible daily number of room types, rooms, guests, plans and status 
· Follow up on tentative, optional and waiting list reservations 
· Unlimited number of tariffs and daily rates tables 
· Comprehensive guest history and mail merge 
· Dynamic tape chart 
· Housekeeping and room maintenance 
· Automatic or semi-automatic night auditing procedures 
· Unlimited number of reports plus an advanced report generator 
· Registration of all transactions in two currencies  
· Multi currency payments, charges and invoices 
· Full management of VAT suitable to any country's laws 
· Fully interfaced with all leading PBXs 
· Multi lingual (translatable to any language) 
· Online internal Channel Manager (see Optima GOC
· Integrated Revenue Management tools 
· Automatic commissions module 

Optima PMS includes some unique features such internal revenue management tools, internal and central data warehouse and BI, dynamic reports and graphs, daily snapshot reports sent to selective managers and owners by e-mail, advanced modules supporting high levels of guest service, internal and external CRM modules and Guest Service Centre program. Optima streamlines processes allowing staff to give more attention to the guests on one hand and save labour costs on the other.  


The reservation module 
· Room availability with drill down to a single reservation. 
· Direct reservation from price quotation. 
· Flexible rating and automatic calculation of the value of a reservation. 
· Sharing and group member invoicing. 
· Group Master accounts. 
· Easy blocking for guest’s special requests. 
· Comprehensive special services set-up, easily customized for each hotel. 
· VIP types and levels.
· Partial or fully automatic allocations depending upon reservation. 
· Special requests automatically incorporated into the reservation from the guest, group, agent or company history. 
· Automatic commissions management 

The guest reception module 
· Clear, concise and quick check-in and walk procedures. 
· Comprehensive guest history including preferences and photo identification. 
· Full primary and secondary agent history. 
· Agent and company contracts. 

The accounting and billing module 
· Handles all aspects of multi-currency transactions and all types of V.A.T. 
· Invoicing for non-room folios. 
· Automatic cash flow calculation and control for each front desk agent at any time.  
· Automatic night posting. 
· Advanced, easy to use city ledger (accounts receivable) module. 
· POS and telecommunication charges transferred instantaneously to the guest’s account. 
· Automatic commissions deductions and reporting 

Housekeeping and maintenance module 
· Housecleaning assignments are prepared quickly according to predefined parameters of work. 
· Job orders are automatically sent to the maintenance department .

General system module. 
· Log book 
· Concierge information listing. 
· Guest message and guest locator modules. 

Report module with an extensive report generator 
· Versatile reports for all levels of management. 
· Statistical reports 
· Occupancy and work assignment forecasting reports. 

Optima Property Management System is fully integrated with all Microsoft Office tools and available on different platforms from Windows PC to tables, iPads and smartphones. 

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